Staying Ahead

Child Care policies, procedures and facility standards continually evolve making the task of managing your business to remain in compliance and avoid a Class I, or II violation a complex one. Key considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Having the proper documentation to ensure and track that rules and regulations are followed - documentation must be in place to demonstrate compliance,
  • Ensuring certifications are kept up to date and are on file,
  • The proper display of licenses,
  • Keeping appropriate logs of various activities including inspections, check in/check out, and child movement, 
  • Administering proper facility plans - ensuring proper facility administration,
  • Managing field trips,
  • Ensuring transportation rules are continuously adhered to,
  • Ensuring proper child discipline rules are applied,
  • Managing toxic substances and hazardous materials, 
  • Ensuring proper labeling of supplies,
  • Managing Indoor and Outdoor floor space in accordance with state policy,
  • Applying proper fencing rules,
  • Ensuring proper emergency policies & procedures documentation and revision,
  • Maintaining proper documentation on ongoing training and certification of the staff,
  • Managing health requirements,
  • Applying ongoing food and nutrition policy verification,
  • Ensuring proper child records management, and
  • Ensuring that background screening is conducted and that logs are kept for all staff.

Our firm can work with you to establish the right governance approach to ensure that Child Care policies & procedures are not just documented, but that adequate controls and administrative procedures are in place to ensure your business manages its day to day operations in compliance with established policies.