The role of the ELC

Being a prior board member of the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) for the Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, means we have a deep understanding and appreciation for the goals and objectives of this organization in ensuring that child care providers deliver evidence based quality service which ultimately benefit the child. For you this means that we can quickly highlight those areas which are key in ELC's guidelines that can help you become a better Child Care provider. Our understanding of ELC's goals and objectives further helps us guide our clients in ensuring that their operations, policies and procedues are in line with the State’s policies and procedures related to child care.

The ELC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring early care and education for children in the Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Through a variety of affordable and innovative early education and voluntary pre-kindergarten programs, the Coalition serves more than 50,000 children - age ranging from birth to 12 years old as well as their families. Founded in 2000, the Coalition is among 31 similar organizations in the State of Florida following the enactment of the School Readiness Act which consolidated Florida’s early learning services into one integrated program. The mission of the ELC is to promote high-quality school readiness, voluntary pre-kindergarten and after school programs, thus increasing all children’s chance of achieving future educational success and becoming productive members of society. The organization's mission is to ensure that all families and their children, beginning before birth to age 5, are provided with an affordable opportunity to enter school ready to learn and succeed in life.



Being a prior board member of the Florida Association of Child Care Management (FACCM) also helps us leverage the knowledge and experience of the association to ensure State guidelines are adopted by your business. 

The FACCM is a nonprofit professional organization comprised of Child Care providers dedicated to ensuring the highest quality in the early learning industry through advocacy eduction and accreditation. The association is dedicated to promoting high standards of early Child Care and education through advocacy, professional development, and accreditation supporting sound business practices to ensure the continued success of the private Child Care industry.