Sharing a basic philosopy

Our firm is committed to working with clients who share the basic philosophy that ensuring the best possible care and safety for a child and providing a positive contribution to the child's upbringing is paramount. Therefore we go through a careful evaluation to ensure that we are the right firm to guide you in proactively adopting established State policies and procedures around Child Care facilities. And, in the unfortunate occurrence of a violation, that we are the right legal firm to ensure a proper defense.

To accomplish this, various factors are taken into consideration:

  • Clients must have a full documentation and background on the state of their institution - which policies have been adopted and which ones are in the process of being implemented,
  • An upfront honest and confidential discussion of the known gaps,
  • An understanding of any community service (i.e., parent engagement, involvement with the community in defining the role of the care facility) which helps ensure that the business is properly connected with the community it serves,
  • An understanding of the various awards received,
  • Prior history of licensing inspections,
  • Involvement with the Quality Counts Program – program through the Early Learning Coalition to help schools become better schools, and
  • An onsite evaluation of the overall quality of the school.

We consider these to be critical factors that both you and us should consider prior to establishing a relationship. Ultimately its about ensuring that we are the right firm to proactively advise you on ensuring ongoing compliance and protecting/defending your business against Class I and II violation actions.