We believe that Individuals who care for others have a big heart, and they work hard to gain the respect from their community and provide a superior Child Care service.  However, in addition to pure love and caring, you have to be aware of the State and Federal laws and regulations that govern your business. Defending your business and license can be an overwhelming and daunting task which can mean the difference between continued operation or closure. 

We support and defend a wide variety of clients in the Child Care industry. We are frequently called upon in matters related to Child Care Violation or we are retained to help secure ongoing regulatory compliance. Our clients include but are not limited to:

  • Private Child Care, 
  • Day Care,
  • VPK Centers,
  • Family Day Care, and
  • Child Care Transportation

We represent Child Care Centers located throughout the State of Florida. Whether you own one preschool or a string of daycare facilities, we understand the risks and the regulatory policies and procedures that affect your business.


Play & Learn

August 28, 2015

On August 14, 2014 my school received notification from the Department of Children and Families that my school had committed a violation of type I. At that time we felt very concerned because after all the sacrifice of so many years of work, we were in danger of losing the recognitions and licenses reached. However, we had the opportunity to meet attorney Lucia Piñeiro who with her knowledge, strength and experience changed the course of the case.

Ms. Piñeiro prepared a response to the complaint received and although she tried to reach an agreement with the Department of Children and Families, we had no choice but to proceed to trial. Once again, Ms. Piñeiro placed all her efforts in our case and the final result was that the administrative judge recommended that the Department of Children and Families enter a final order dismissing the Administrative Complaint. Thanks to Ms. Piñeiro, the victory achieved allowed our school to continue operating without any difficulty and providing our more modest services to our children and our community.




September 1, 2016

I will always be eternally grateful to Ms. Lucy Piñeiro and Ms. Yaque for being by my side when I needed them the most. Thanks to their dedication, determination, and professionalism we were able to continue to serve the children in our community. Ms. Piñeiro's approach was personalized, unique, and creative. They really took the time to get to know our school and our case, she offered us advise and peace of mind. Lucy and Yaque were extremely knowledgeable of the system and the business and were able to educate us on the process which took about a year. I was always kept well-informed, so that our issues could be resolved in the most effective and efficient manner, and finally when we had the pleasure of witnessing Ms. Piñeiro in action we understood the value of all the preparation, devotion, and attention to details that was required to resolve our case. Ms. Piñeiro is truly an advocate of all children and handles her cases with integrity. After our experience we would recommend her over and over again and have truly found our go to lawyer for any legal assistance we may need in the future.